Failure to Respond to Islamic Republic’s Actions Will Have Consequences

President Trump's remarks that the shooting down of an American drone was a mistake and probably not intentional could have damaging consequences for multiple reasons. This sends the wrong message to the regime and its allies, as Supreme Leader Khamenei may feel assured that Iran's military deterrence is fully established and the US will make similar decisions in future.

The Fall of the Ogre

It is up to the Persian national polity to reconstitute itself and fight for the only thing that is at stake for what has ensured so far its historic existence: the survival of an ancient, old and exhausted country in a fast-and-furious century where disruptors are in charge and disruption is a way of life and survival.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Want to Restore the Iran Deal. It Won’t Be Easy.

Ensuring that the regime is compliant with international norms requires dismantling of the IRGC, which is essentially synonymous with stripping the regime of its identity and legitimacy. Perhaps the only way to guarantee the regime’s compliance with nuclear activities, as well as other issues of concern, it to dismantle the entire mullah regime and replace it with a secular, democratic leadership that abides by international standards.