Mohammad Khatami: The Anti-Regime Opposition Might Succeed

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board Former Iranian regime president and the leader of the so-called "reformist" faction, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, says increasing disillusionment of the Iranian people with reforms is strengthening the mentality of toppling the regime, emphasizing that this may ultimately lead to the triumph of the opposition movement. At a July 6 … Continue reading Mohammad Khatami: The Anti-Regime Opposition Might Succeed

Don’t Wait for a Second Iran Deal; Make a Deal with the Iranian People!

Administrations after administrations tried to reach deals with the Khomeinist regime in Iran in order to facilitate a peaceful coexistence with the theocratic dictatorship. But due to ideological nature of the regime, that goal was never achieved. The last and most aggressive attempt was under Obama that the mullahs cleverly kept restricted to nuclear activities so they didn't have to commit to any change of behavior.