NIAC Was Created by Javad Zarif, Iranian Regime Insider Alleges

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board Trita Parsi’s former mentor, Hooshang Amirahmadi, admitted once again that the National Iranian American Council was created by Javad Zarif, the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Minister. Amirahmadi, himself a veteran lobbyist for the Iranian regime, made this assertion in an interview with the “Glass Room” program. He alleged that Parsi … Continue reading NIAC Was Created by Javad Zarif, Iranian Regime Insider Alleges

NIAC’s Favorite Troll: Sina Toossi

Sina Toossi is a regime propagandist who relentlessly and unconditionally supports the mullahs and vehemently opposes democracy seeking Iranians. NIAC, its affiliates, and talking heads do not realize that although they may be attracting radical leftist factions like Code Pink with this type of behavior, they are certainly alienating the Iranian-American community at large.

The US Should Not Restore the Iran Deal in Its Original Form

Reza Behrouz: "All this said, the Iranian regime’s sincerity and reliability at the negotiating table and beyond still remains the ultimate impediment. When the man in charge of Iran’s nuclear program admits on national television how the regime duped the Obama Administration, it is difficult to sit at the negotiating table across from him and maintain a straight face."

Reform Is Dead in Iran. Here’s How the U.S. Can Help

Alireza Nader: "Khatami and Rouhani’s fraudulent presidencies show that the time for reforming the Islamic Republic is over. Only a secular, democratic and representative state that cares for its own people will save Iran from the abyss. America’s role as the world’s leading democracy makes it a natural partner for Iranians struggling against oppression. For both the Iranian people and U.S. policymakers, the reformist game that has sustained a bloodthirsty regime is finally over."