For Regime Change in Iran

No one wants an all-out war with Iran. Americans have no interest in invading and occupying another Muslim country — least of all Iran. Its rich culture and sophisticated populace provide grounds for hope that we can have cordial relations with Iran in the future. But the current impediment to cordial relations, and the reason nuclear weapons would be intolerable, is the regime. It is one of the world’s most despicable governments, and it is incorrigibly anti-American.

NIAC’s Fraudulent Claims in the Aftermath of the Rally Further Justify the Protest

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Team In the aftermath of last Friday’s Washington DC rally in protest of the National Iranian American Council, two of the organization’s representatives appeared on Persian-language media, making false claims about the organizers and the attendees. In an interview with Iran International network, NIAC’s Communications Director, Mana Mostatabi claimed that the … Continue reading NIAC’s Fraudulent Claims in the Aftermath of the Rally Further Justify the Protest

Unremitting Iranian Hostility Means It’s Time to Reconsider Regime Change

When we say "regime change," we're talking about giving moral support to the Iranian people against a regime of greedy, fascistic religious fanatics that is oppressing them. This can be done in a whole variety of ways, starting with making them know we care about them and have no interest in talking to or negotiating with their oppressors who just want to play for time.

Don’t Wait for a Second Iran Deal; Make a Deal with the Iranian People!

Administrations after administrations tried to reach deals with the Khomeinist regime in Iran in order to facilitate a peaceful coexistence with the theocratic dictatorship. But due to ideological nature of the regime, that goal was never achieved. The last and most aggressive attempt was under Obama that the mullahs cleverly kept restricted to nuclear activities so they didn't have to commit to any change of behavior.

The Ambassador’s Prisoner

Engaging with Richard Ratcliffe, Nazanin’s husband, was a golden opportunity for the Islamic Republic to show Britain a diplomatic, pragmatic and most importantly, a human side. Mr. Baeidinejad could have scored many diplomatic and humanitarian points by acting as an intermediary between the Ratcliffes and the Iranian government. It would have raised his standing and made Europe and the UK more inclined towards a regime that is finding itself increasingly isolated. He could have been a diplomat but alas a leopard never changes its spots.