NIAC’s Fraudulent Claims in the Aftermath of the Rally Further Justify the Protest

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Team

In the aftermath of last Friday’s Washington DC rally in protest of the National Iranian American Council, two of the organization’s representatives appeared on Persian-language media, making false claims about the organizers and the attendees.

In an interview with Iran International network, NIAC’s Communications Director, Mana Mostatabi claimed that the people leading the protests received money from the US government and from “other foreign actors.”

In yet another appearance on Iran International, Ehsan Zahedani, NIAC’s Community Relations Manager, asserted that the organizers of the protests had received $200,000 from the “scandalous” US government.

There is, of course, zero evidence to support NIAC’s claims; they are simply false and a failed attempt to save face. The rally was attended by ordinary Iranian-Americans and Iranian-Canadians. The attendees paid for their travel expenses out of their own pocket. They took time off from work, standing in scorching heat to show their disdain for NIAC. Some of the organizers and/or attendees carpooled from Toronto and cities across the US, driving several hours instead of flying just to save money. Donations were made by individual Iranian-Americans, some of whom were simple students. Attendees drove back to their respective home cities immediately after the protests to save on lodging expenses.

Not a dime was received by the attendees and/or the organizers from the US or any other “foreign” government. The outlandish claims made by Mostatabi and Zahedani further justify why last Friday’s demonstration was organized in the first place

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