Jamal Abdi Says Protest against NIAC Were Organized by the State Department

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

A suspicious news website has published a fraudulent report claiming activists “allegedly linked to a US State Department-funded propaganda program” helped organize an “anti-Iran” demonstration in Washington. On July 19, Iranians from around North America gathered in front of the offices of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) condemning the organization for lobbying on behalf of Iran’s Islamofascist regime.

UrduPoint, an alleged Pakistani news website quoted NIAC president Jamal Abdi as saying, “We know that the leader of the protest, Maryam Memarsadeghi, is funded by the State Department and the US.”

“There is also serious evidence that Saudi Arabia is providing financial support for some of these astroturf groups that have suddenly been cropping up and supporting US-led regime change against Iran.” Abdi said.

The author of this article is an unknown Pakistani by the name of Zeeshan Aziz.

In May, Fox News reported on fake social media accounts masquerading as journalists write pro-regime reports for various news website. Fake news websites, articles, and tweets sought to cast anti-regime groups in a bad light. To promote their articles, the operation even relied on fake Twitter personas who communicated with journalists and researchers online and sent links to the faked pages.

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