Nearly 9 in Every 10 People Consider NIAC an Enemy of the Iranian People

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

In a recent Twitter survey, 85% of 8,638 participants considered the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) the “foe of the Iranian people.”

The survey was posted  by Iranian-American writer, filmmaker, and former Breitbart News reporter, Adelle M. Nazarian on June 14, 2019 and ran for a week. Only 6% voted in favor of NIAC. Although the participants were perhaps not entirely Iranian and probably comprised various nationalities, the results of the survey nonetheless demonstrate the general public sentiment towards  NIAC.

The survey follows the hashtag #NIACLobbies4Mullahs which went viral on Twitter and became a global trend.  This massive public outcry demonstrated against NIAC had significant repercussions and resulted in irremediable humiliation for the organization. In an act of retaliation, NIAC collaborated with an obscure, bungling “IT specialist” named Geoffrey Golberg, who claimed the tweetstorm was generated by automated bots. Golberg simultaneously embarked on a campaign of cyber bullying and harassment targeting Iranian-Americans and Iranian dissidents including former political prisoners, human rights activists, and journalists (Nazarian herself was a target). When Goberg’s account was suspended following complaints by his victims of harassment, NIAC members and affiliates rushed to his rescue and vouched for him.

NIAC has long been known as an organization intimately connected to the Iranian regime and has, in the past, lobbied extensively on behalf of the mullahs. Although this fact has been known for years, it is only recently that Iranians – particularly Iranian-Americans – have publicly and collectively voiced their concern regarding this dubious organization.

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