VIDEO REPORT: The Web of Deceit

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

The Web of Deceit

The web of deceit the Obama White house advisor and agent Benjamin Rhodes wove in to con the American people into believing that the alternative to the Iran Nuclear Deal (otherwise known as the JCPOA) was imminent war, leading to a hasty signing of the disastrous JCPOA. The fraudulent “echo chamber” was coordinated with the National Iranian American Council and its then-president, Trita Parsi. NIAC acts as the de facto Iranian regime’s lobby in Washington.

The echo chamber, as described by Rhodes, was funded by the Ploughshares fund and its unsavory president, Joseph Cirincione. Ploughshares spent nearly $8,000,000 to push a deceitful agenda paying off mainstream media, journalists, newspapers, think tanks, and talking heads like Laura Rozen, Barbara Slavin, Ali Vaez, and Suzanne Maloney.

The same echo chamber is now operating under the radar to undermine the democratic voices in Iran, as well as Iranian dissidents and opposition figures who reside in the United States. Many members of the echo chamber serve as foreign policy “advisors” to Bernie Sanders. The motto is, again, the apocalyptic forecasting of an imminent war. These charlatans call Iranian dissidents “warmongers.”

Fortunately, the sinister visage of this clan was revealed and their ominous scheme to fund the mullahs in Iran was unmasked.

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