BOOK REVIEW: “The Buraq Project” A Spy Novel by MJ Javani

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

he time is the present. A group of Islamist fanatics within the Iranian regime are surreptitiously working to develop a weapon to presumably expedite the return of their hidden messiah, Imam Mahdi. Across the ocean, a group of patriotic Americans have formed a private intelligence unit not constrained by political correctness and government interference that impede the effectiveness of US intelligence agencies. Once this organization, known as Unit 81, receives a tip that the Iranian IRGC is working on a previously unknown missile program, The Unit must find out why. When the horrible truth about the Iranian missile program is revealed, the race is on (led by Unit 81’s top operative Janusz Soltani) to stop the Iranians. The lives of millions of Americans depend on whether or not Janusz’s succeeds.

Promotional video for the Buraq Project

The Buraq Project by novelist MJ Javani has all the elements of a good spy novel: conspiracies, intelligence, counterintelligence, global threat, and of course, romance. Set in multiple countries including Iran, the protagonist in story is a Polish-Iranian former CIA agent, Janusz Soltani, who works for a private intelligence unit based in Washington DC. He has a particular disdain for the IRGC and takes his missions on Iran personally. IRGC proxies murdered his brother. 

The lives of several key players in the story collide and ultimately converge to give the perfect climax and a riveting conclusion. The events in the story are a semblance of the current crisis in the Middle East, with the IRGC as the malign force at the center of the devastation. It also provides a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” operations of CIA and intelligence/security firms and the lengths which their operatives are willing to go to investigate and defuse serious global threats. 

The novel is written by an author with firsthand knowledge of the threats, operations, and the complexities associated with them. Javani’s family escaped from the brutal Islamic Republic in the early 1980s. He has spent his career with the Department of Defense and the CIA. With this background, he will take you inside the corridors of power in the opaque Islamic Republic. Javani provides chilling insights into the apocalyptic ideology of a regime whose entire existence is centered on facilitating the return of Imam Mahdi. 

The Buraq Project is about the clash of ideology and the fight for survival. Individual event embedded within a broader story gives the reader an insight into Janusz’ struggle against his inner demons and a devotion to his work, which is perhaps fueled by a sense of revenge. The Buraq Project is a good read for spy novel enthusiasts, as well as those who follow the current events in the Iran and the broader Middle East. 

The Buraq Project can be purchased at Amazon by clicking this link.

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