The Real Warmongers of Washington

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

When then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump first used the phrase “fake news,” everyone laughed. CNN anchors and staff were the first to mock this expression, knowing that at minimum, this newly-discovered concept applies to them. Other left-leaning networks followed suit. Fake news represents a broad category that is not limited to false reporting and fabricated stories. It characteristically depicts “reports” that lack objectivity, are extremely biased, irrational, and highly exaggerated. The authenticity of a report also depends on how it is presented. Fake news is essentially synonymous with disinformation. Disinformation is an irrefutable reality in today’s journalism; and these days, news concerning Iran is where this phenomenon is most exertive.

“War with Iran” is at the heart of a disinformation campaign embarked upon by “pundits” and “analysts” who depend on this theme to justify their legitimacy and existence. Organizations such as the National Iranian American Council and its affiliates who comprise this cadre of pundits seem to have taken the lead role in this undercurrent of public deception. Trita Parsi, former president of NIAC and a reputed agent of influence in the US for Iran’s radical Islamist regime has been obsessively beating the drums of war since the US existed the Iran nuclear deal. Negar Mortazavi, another perceived sympathizer of the Iranian regime, has been incessantly publishing op-ed articles with apocalyptic undertone. The current president of NIAC, Jamal Abdi, has declared that his life mission these days is to “prevent a war with Iran.”

All this rhetoric stems from these individuals’ disdain for President Trump. Denials from the Trump Administration regarding any intention to initiate a war notwithstanding, sympathizers of the Iranian regime continue alarming the public of this devastating imaginary war. Interestingly, even the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ali Khamenei, has said there will be no war with the US. The propaganda that these people disseminate are verbatim talking points of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, whose deliberate dishonesty is well-known among the Iranian people. While Javad Zarif makes appearances on American news networks and warns that the US is intent on starting a war with Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is busy sabotaging cargo vessels in the United Arab Emirates and launching missiles into Saudi Arabia (via Houthi proxies) and near the US Embassy in Baghdad. While NIAC and its followers warn that Ambassador John Bolton hopes to finish the war he started in Iraq by attacking Iran, the commander of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, welcomes the “opportunity” to fight the US and draws parallels to the destruction of the Twin Towers.

By dissemination of fake news, the US-based apologists of the Iranian regime aim to force the Trump Administration to resume the regime appeasement policy that Obama adopted. In this case, the prospect of a war is the most convenient and compelling argument by which the Iranian regime’s talking heads toy with people’s emotions and deceive the public. The same ploy was used by NIAC and Obama’s advisor Ben Rhodes to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the American people; that is – agree to the deal or else the alternative is war. Unfortunately, some Democratic politicians who antagonize President Trump at any cost have joined in on this campaign of deception. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), for example, stated that the US is to blame for Iran’s aggression and Trump is leading [the US] to a war. This is a major excursion from his 2015 stance when he said, “we must pressure Iran and use force if they violate the nuclear deal.” This is quite ironic, to say the least.

Individuals who benefit from the propaganda of war conveniently disregard the IRGC’s destructive behavior in the region and blame the Trump Administration for provoking this terrorist faction into mischief. While the Trump Administration has repeatedly asserted that the dispatching of USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf is to deter the IRGC, regime apologists continue to reject it. They dismiss the intelligence reports on the IRGC threat as exaggerations, as if promulgating an imaginary war is anything but. Dissemination of fake news with respect to war is conducted with total disregard for its potential consequences. As much as IRGC’s threat and malign activities incites the US into action, incessant claims that the US is bent on starting a war with Iran equally provokes the IRGC. This could have devastating consequences for the American people, the Iranian people, and the region; an actuality that the real warmongers in Washington unfortunately fail to understand.

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