NIAC’s Favorite Troll: Sina Toossi

By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board

Karim Sadjadpour couldn’t have said it better. No ethnic lobby in America spends more time gratuitously attacking/trolling its own constituents than the National Iranian American Council. They attack Iranian-Americans far more than they do the Iranian regime. In fact, NIAC has been reduced to a gang of Twitter trolls. At the center of this troll and harassment activity sits Sina Toossi, a research associate at NIAC. According to NIAC’s website, Toossi was a research specialist at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. There, he worked on several publications with Seyed Hossein Mousavian. Mousavian, who refers to himself as a “diplomat” and a “scholar,” was the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Germany during the 1992 assassination by regime terrorists of Kurdish dissidents in Berlin. Sometime during the Obama’s presidency, Mousavi found his way into the United States and with a small donation from Ploughshares Fund to Princeton, the Islamist terrorist became a university “scholar.”

Back to Toossi, he seems to have replaced Reza Marashi. Marashi was NIAC’s Director of Research. A loud-mouthed, hyperactive caricature, Marashi was never apologetic for openly sympathizing with Hezbollah. Toossi ostensibly has taken on the same style, albeit calmer than Marashi. As a research associate, Toossi’s job seemingly consists of sitting in front of the computer and searching for the minutest, most trivial dirt on President Trump, Ambassador Bolton, Secretary Pompeo, Saudi Arabia, or Israel and subsequently tweet it. He does the same with Iranian opposition groups or their leaders. Conversely, he finds and publicizes the most mundane material on Javad Zarif (or other so-called reformists) that displays the mullah regime’s Foreign Minister in a favorable light. All this activity contradicts what a research assistant should be doing, which is utilizing proper methodology based on facts and devoid of bias to publish reputable and educational papers that would improve the lives of Iranian-Americans. After all, that is NIAC’s self-proclaimed mission.

Toossi apparently has an aversion to Iranian-American dissidents and opposition figures. He is particularly sensitive to and has a history of attacking Prince Reza Pahlavi on social media, as well as on his publications. His tweets give the impression of Toossi being a highly opinionated, yet inexperienced person who is blatantly pro-regime.

Two of Sina Toossi’s tweets attacking Prince Reza Pahlavi

Toossi also has a habit of trolling Iranian dissidents, including opposition and human rights activists. The nature and thrust of his attacks against activists and opposition leaders suggests that he likely feels intimidated by them. The good news is that his overzealous activities on Twitter are rarely greeted with much enthusiasm. His tweets often times receive a handful of likes. Furthermore, the weekly digest Iran Unfiltered, which he runs for NIAC, rarely gets noticed.

All in all, Toossi is a regime propagandist (not a researcher) who relentlessly and unconditionally supports the mullahs and vehemently opposes democracy-seeking Iranians. NIAC thrives on this type of behavior and radical bullying. It was/is Trita Parsi and Reza Marashi’s way, and certainly is Toossi’s. NIAC, its affiliates, and talking heads do not realize that although they may be attracting radical leftist factions like Code Pink with such hysterical antics, they are certainly alienating the Iranian-American community at large. But it doesn’t seem they care much for Iranian-Americans, unless they are part of their own prodigy.

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