The Iranian Regime’s Disinformation Campaign

By the Apadana Chronicle Editors

So far, four reports have been published on the disinformation campaign launched by the Iranian regime. They have been using fraudulent websites that resembled genuine news organizations. A Canadian internet watchdog called Citizen Lab exposed these fake websites that disseminated disinformation on behalf of the Iranian regime. One example of these spoofed domains was 

According to the New York Times, Citizen Lab describes sprawling global effort by the Iranian regime — a years-old, multilingual campaign aimed at seeding anti-Saudi, anti-Israel and anti-American stories across the internet.

Disinformation and propaganda are parts of a broader agenda by the Iranian regime to influence the Western political atmosphere. Groups in the United States that are involved in fabrication and dissemination of such propaganda include the National Iranian American Council and various regime-aligned individuals in academic institutions and think tanks.

For more information on the Iranian regime’s disinformation campaign, please visit the New York Times article:

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